MutiTool Basic:

This is for N7100 only

Glad to announce a utility tool – MultiTool.
This is state of the art must have tool for all newcomers. You can manage following things with it.

– Root
– Busybox
– EFS Backup/Restore
– Recovery changer
– Kernel changer
– Modem changer
– Backup/Restore System App & Framework folder
– Bloatware Backup-Remove-Restore
– LockScreen Security bypass
– Clean device to prepare for Triangle Away
– Flash Recovery/Kernel/Modem from SD card (.img .bin) 

Details of features under Installation & Features

Installation and Features MUST READ BEFORE USING

So You must have CWM/TWRP Recovery Installed to use this tool. Here is detail guide to get CWM on your device.

Procedure to get CWM : Click to Show Contents if you want to know How to flash CWM. If you have CWM installed then move to next step – MultiTool Intallation and features.

Step 1
Download Philz_touch_*n7100.tar.md5 Also you need to have Kies OR Samsung USB driver installed on PC.1.Open Odin and select PDA tab (see image below) (Get Odin from here)
2.Point to recovery file you have downloaded philz_touch_* -n7100.tar.md5
3.Now switch off device and reboot in download mode
press Vol down + Home +Power, And then, press Volume UP button in Warning Page to enter the Download Mode
4.Connect device to PC and wait till device successfully added to com port (it will turn light blue) (see image below)


5.Hit ‘Start’ to flash
6.Once it flashed successfully, you can see ‘PASS’ in table above the ID :COM, you can disconnect device from PC (see image below)


[Note : normally, phone should auto-reboot into recovery.
If it reboots into android and your recovery remains stock, repeat above steps and untick “autoreboot” in odin. Once flash is done, keep pressing power button until it reboots (normally will go to recovery)
when in recovery, if you choose option “reboot system now” and you get “yes – disable flash recovery”, select that option to avoid stock recovery overwriting cwm]

On successful flashing your recovery change to CWM, Now Next step How to use Multitool

Installation of Multitool and Detail features

– Download from end of this post and copy to SD card (Internal / Ext)
– Reboot device to Recovery (Vol Up +Power + Home).
– You will have recovery menu like this(see image below), Select Install zip
– Then select Int/Ext SD card depending on you have copied file location.
– Select file you have copies and hit Entre. (See image)


This will Open Aroma Installer and you will have following Option to perform. Read every option in detail before proceeding.



Here you will have two option.
A.Root : You can root your device with this option, Also this option cleans leftover of previously installed Superuser/SU of different superuser app.
In case your device is previously rooted and on reboot you can’t see SuperSU app in drawer OR if you unable to update binary, simply update from Play store and it should work.
B.BusyBox – Routinely this doesn’t needs and most of app needs root works without this too. Still any of your app demand this then you can select this option also you can do it later too.

2.EFS Backup  I recommend all user to make EFS backup if you still don’t have.


A.EFS Backup : This will make EFS backup in format of raw imahe efs.img to int SD card MyEFS folder
B.EFS Restore : This will restore previously made backup in case you lose IMEI and need it.

3.Recovery – This is recovery changer tool.


You can switch to different recovery like
A.Philz touch CWM based recovery
C.Stock Recovery– remember if you flash stock recovery, you will have to use odin to flash CWM/TWRP.
Here is Philz Recovery original thread
Here is TWRP official project website

4.Kernel – You can switch between kernel


Available kernels are
A.NEAK kernel B.Perseus Kenel C.Stock Kernel
Here is Neak kernel original thread if you have any queries for NEAK kernel Credit @simone201 for NEAK kernel.
Here is Perseus Kernel original Thread, in case you have any kernel related queries for Perseus Kernel. Credit @AndreiLux for Perseus Kernel



A.Old Modem LK6 Don’t Flash this on New ROM ME6 and later otherwise you will lose IMEI
B.New Modem MG1 :If you downgrade ROM and lose your IMEI, flashing this new modem can restore your IMEI.

6.backup Restore general – Helpful before trying different MODs, if that doesn’t work you can restore previous file wuth this.


A.Backup Framework folder – Will make backup of System/framework folder to IntSDcard/DrKetanMod/framework folder -Needs 100MB free space
B.Backup System Folder – will make backup of System/app folder to IntSdcard/DrKetanMod/app folder. it needs appr 700MB space.
C.Backup to ExtSD – will backup System/app + System/framework folder to ExtSDCard/DrKetanMod. Needs 800MB space.
For Restore select option according you have selected backup location.
D.Restore Framework folder from IntSD
E.Restore System/App folder from IntSD
F.Restore System app and framework folder from ExtSD



A.Backup Bloatware – Select this to backup bloatware before removing it so you can restore anytime you need it.
B.Remove Bloatware – You can remove batch bloatware with this. To remove selected bloatware use this tool
C.Restore Bloatware

8.LockScreen security bypass


A.Remove Password – If you forget your lockscreen password/Pin/Pattern, you can bypass security with this option. This will remove PIN/Password and you can reset new. In case you bypass Pattern then you may have pattern on reboot but you can unlock with any pattern and you can reset your new pattern.

9.Prepare device to use TriangleAway Newbies are not knowing about their recovery/kernel so this tool will help to reset stock.


A.Clean device – This will remove all left over of Super user app and SU, also remove Busybox and symlink of busybox. As well this will Replace CWM to Stock recovery. But still clean root access will remain present to use triangle away app. That can be unroot with SuperSU settings.
Again if device doesn’t have SuperSU app OR fail to update binary then update it from play store.
Remember after selecting this option your recovery will be stock and if you need CWM, you have to use Odin again
B.Select This If you have stock kernel – If your kernel is custom and you want to make device clean you also have to select this option along with A. to use triangle away.

10.Own Flashing


No more Flashable zip OR Tar needed to flash extracted recovery/kernel.img OR modem.bin
You can extract recovery.img or boot.img or modem.bin from stock ROM by simple unzip tool and put file on Int/Ext Sd card root directory then you can follow below mentioned task from aroma to flash that stuff.

A.Flash Kernel from IntSD
B.Flash Kernel from ExtSD
C.Flash modem from IntSD
D.Flash modem from ExtSD 
E.Flash recovery from IntSD
F.Flash recovery from ExtSD

Download :
DrKetan_MutiTool_AromaV11 – Basic version

MutiTool Advanced:

Ok friends glad to present advanced version of MultiTool. This is not much different from basic version but having some extra features and may not be comfortable to use by newbies. so releasing here as extra version and keeping basic vesion as it is.


– Root
– Busybox
– Recovery changer
– Kernel changer
– Modem changer
– Backup/Restore System App & Framework folder/ EFS /Simplistic and mass bloatware remover
– Restore
– Odex remover
– Customized bloatware remover
– Customized CSC Features
– Tweaks – build.prop
– LockScreen Security bypass
– Push System Apks
– GPS Glonass Fixer
– Clean device to prepare for Triangle Away

This is advanced version and expecting no need to write guide about how to flash CWM and install multitool, still anyone have doubt please refer post #1.

Detail features

– Tool having some welcome screen, introduction, terms and condition, changelog, features list initially.

– After this is MainMenu. You can select either of one menu


A. MultiTool Utilities
B. Aroma File Manager with Terminal Console
C. System Information.


– Starting with Mutitool utilities, you will get following options
1. Root option : Inject root to device.
2. Busybox : Inject Busybox to device.
3. Recovery Flasher

  • Phillz recovery
  • TWRP recovery
  • Stock recovery
  • Recovery from SD card – You need to put desired recovery.img file on root directory of int SD card
  • Recovery from ExtSD card – You need to put desired recovery.img file on root directory of Ext SD card
  • Do Not change – To Keep your existing recovery

4. Modem Flasher

  • New MG1 flash – you can restore IMEI lost by downgrading ROM. I have removed option to flash old modem as it is not useful. still can flash any modem from SD card
  • Flash Modem from Ext SD – Put modem.bin file on root directory of ExtSD to flash
  • Flash Modem from Int SD – Put modem.bin file on root directory of IntSD to flash
  • Do Not change – To keep your existing modem

5. Kernel Flasher

  • Perseus Kernel
  • NEAK Kernel
  • RedPill Kernel (TW)
  • Adam Kernel
  • Stock Kernel (MG1)
  • Flash Kernel from ExtSD – Put boot.img file on root directory of ExtSD to flash
  • Flash Kernel from IntSD – Put boot.img file on root directory of IntSD to flash
  • Do not change – To keep existing kernel

6.Backup and Removel utility – This will be Menu page
There will be option to skip this OR to enter to customize backup/removal

  • EFS – A.Backup to IntSD B.Backup to ExtSD
  • Bloatware – A.Backup Bloatware (To bloatware folder in intSD)B.Bloatware Removal
  • System Backup A.Backup System/app folder to IntSD/DrKetanMod/app B.Backup System/framework folder to IntSD/Dr.KetanMod/framework
  • Simplistic Backup A.OdexB.Deodex If you want to try Simplictic framework. select according you are flashing version of simplistic. Incase simplistic doesn’t work, you can restore your files.

7.Restore Utility – This will be menu page
There will be option to skip OR enter customiztion of restore.
All above option of backup will available here when you needs to restore.

  • EFS – A.Restore from IntSD B.Restore from ExtSD
  • Bloatware – Restore bloatware, if you have previously made backup
  • System Folder – A.Restore from DrKetanMod/app to System/app B. Restore from Dr.KetanMod/framework to System/framework
  • Simplistic – A.Odex B.Deodexed

8.Odex remover – This is Menu page
select skip OR enter to remove selected odex. This helpful when you flashing mod on odex rom doesn’t have odex removal script

  • There is 19 common odex you can select any of it to remove

9.Customized bloatware remover
Now there is option to remove selected Bloatwares.
10.Customized CSC Features
You can have following CSC features. Thanks to @wesamothman and @MBariya for providing feature list. Just to add
-Backup is highly Recommended -Don’t Use TRIGGER option first time -If you know your fetures file name is feature.cml and not others.xml then only select workaround option. – if first time regular flashing doesn’t work, select only workaround option and flash. – still fail, select Trigger option + all requred feature and flash. – still fails select only workaround and flash – Still fails, Sorry hard luck, restore your backup.


11.Build Prop Tweaks
Following tweaks you can apply. Credits goes to original founder of tweaks, searched XDA for build.prop tweaked and selected some of it.


12.Lock Screen security bypass

  • You can use this if you forget PIN/Password/Pattern to remove it.

13.SystemPush – Push application to System folder

  • place apk and / or odex to sdcard/app folder to push system/app folder
  • place jar,apk and / or odex to sdcard/framework folder to push
    system/framework folder

14.GPS/Glonass Fixer
Read This for more info, no need to download separately as it’s included in tool.
15.Clean Device –

  • Use this to replace recovery with stock one, also remove old leftover of multiple superuser,su and busybox. still you will have root access to use triangle away
  • If your kernel is custom you have to use second option, as that will do above all plus replace custom kernel with stock one.



Dr.Ketan MultiTool Advance V2
MultiTool V5 (For 4.3 OS)

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