Inovative Creations Zte Skate Custom ROM *update 12.10.2013*

Posted: May 15, 2013 by admin in Applications
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Inovative Creations 3.0 by Marko Perisic – Custom ROM for ZTE Skate

Inovative Creations 3.0 – faster than ever before and the simplest way for installation

Inovative Creations 3.0 is a Gingerbread 2.3.5 Custom ROM for ZTE SKATE, a modified Skatie Custom ROM by C3CO. However this is an update for Skatie Custom ROM 1.1. (Thanks to C3CO!). This ROM is made to show the best performance and the best scrolling smoothness, high responsiveness and I can freely say the one of the fastest ROMs for ZTE Skate.


And there is about “35 MB” free ROM space left to install any Application as you wish via Installer or via APPs2ROM as System APK… You can uninstall System applications you don’t need via Apps2ROM also.

Inserted applications:

I hope you’ll love it!


How to install Inovative Creations ?

Installation Guide is added in every downloadable link…

Now it’s very easy to install because everything is made in only one ZIP file (Skatie Custom ROM + Inovative Creations PRO). This ROM needs TPT (150MB system, 35MB cache and 255MB data) and partition on SD Card (1GB). Open Installation Guide and read all steps. Skip steps that you don’t need (if you have right TPT skip step 1, if you have Partition on SD Card (1GB) skip step 2). All previous versions of Inovative Creations and Skatie Custom ROM has correct TPT.

Inovative Creations 3.0,  here are some ScreenShoots

C3C0, Tillaz, Viento del Sur, all others programmers and XDA users and anyone who’s shared code and supports Android.

  1. Nimic says:

    Thank you Marko, greatest GB ROM EVER for skate.

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