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Music is a big part of a smartphone’s feature set. We’ve already talked about the best available music streaming services, but sometimes music streaming isn’t an option, whether that’s because you’re dealing with a pesky data cap, you’re somewhere without a reliably fast internet connection, or you would just rather keep your music on your device. Whatever the reason, we’re going to go over the top music playing apps for your Android device so hit the break to find out more.


Poweramp is one of the most robust music playing apps available. It’s packed with features and even includes theme support. If you’re looking for something that almost acts like a desktop music player, Poweramp is as close as you’re going to get.

One of the best features that Poweramp does extremely well is audio processing. It supports nearly any format you put your music in, and offers a 10-band graphic equalizer, as well as separate bass and treble adjustment, replay gain correction, and some basic mixing tools. Overall, those features make it one of the best-sounding players available. If you’re picky about your music quality, this is definitely the first app to take a look at.

Aside from the excellent audio processing, Poweramp does also have a full suite of other features. It’ll get missing artwork for you, as well as song lyrics. It supports Last.FM scrobbling, tag editing for songs, and several different widgets, including lock screen controls. There’s not too much else you could ask out of a music player. You can get a 15 day trial of the app, but the full version is only $3.99.

Play Store Download Link (Trial)

Play Store Download Link (Full)


Winamp is a popular, feature-rich desktop music player, and the mobile version is just as great. As a free application, Winamp features a great interface for playing local music files, as well as wireless syncing, support for iTunes, and lock screen and widget support. It also has a lot of integration with the Android OS, allowing other apps to interact with your Now Playing music as well as scrobbling support and a ton of SHOUTcast radio stations.

If the free version isn’t quite doing enough for you, Winamp offers a few in-app purchases to really extend how much the app can do. The first in-app purchase bundle adds song lyrics support for your music, and the lyrics will auto-scroll for you while you’re listening to music. It’s a really cool, polished feature for the extremely detail-oriented music lover. The second in-app purchase is an album art bundle. It automatically retrieves artwork for your music, as well as updated tags for your files that are incorrect or missing. The last available upgrade is the pro bundle, which is also available as a standalone application, throws in a ton of features like a 10-band graphic equalizer, support for .FLAC files, and personalized radio recommendations.

The in-app purchases add some really cool features, but compared to an app like Poweramp, it can be a little more expensive and complex to get them all set up. However, I personally prefer Winamp’s interface, and the wireless syncing support and iTunes support are really handy features that many users need. The free version of the app is great by itself, though, and it’s definitely worth trying out before making a decision. All the additional features can then be unlocked through the free app.

Play Store Download Link (Free)

Play Store Download Link (Pro)


If you’re looking for a more simple music playing application, MixZing may be a better option than the previous apps we’ve mentioned. It isn’t as feature-filled, but sometimes less clutter makes for a better app.

MixZing’s biggest draw is its attractive interface and playlist support. The interface is very clean, and the free version of the app fully supports downloading missing album artwork to keep everything uniform. It also has a robust built-in tag editor for your music organization needs, as well as an equalizer for your music. However, where MixZing really stands out is the playlist support. A unique Mood Player selects music in your library based on the “mood” of each song and creates playlists based off of those specific moods. It’s a bit like Pandora, but centered more around emotions. It’s a really cool feature, and something that makes MixZing stand apart from the crowd.

MixZing isn’t going to win over any users by throwing tons of features at them, but the features it offers, it does extremely well. It’s also easily one of the simplest music players available in the Play Store, so if you need something light, this should be on your list. There’s a free version of the app, as well as a paid version to remove ads.

Play Store Download Link (Free)

Play Store Download Link (Pro)


doubleTwist is almost like the Swiss Army Knife of music players. Like Winamp, doubleTwist boasts iTunes support, but it goes a bit further by letting you sync music wirelessly through iTunes. On top of that, doubleTwist has lots of AirPlay features baked in for streaming your music collection to other devices. If you’re unfamiliar with it, AirPlay is Apple’s proprietary streaming protocol, similar to DLNA on many other devices. The biggest advantage to using AirPlay is the out-of-the-box support for things like a PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360, and it’s the simplest way to utilize an Apple TV with your Android device, if you have one.

Aside from the deep iTunes support, doubleTwist also offers standard features like album artwork collection, smart playlists, and wireless podcast subscription syncing. And, doubleTwist has their newly introduced Magic Radio built in, which is like a blend of Pandora with your personal music library. It plays suggestions based on your music tastes, but throws in songs you own to keep things slightly familiar. It’s a nice spin on music discovery and it’s a great feature for the app. The service runs $3.99 per month, which is a bit cheaper than some other similar music services.

doubleTwist offers their pro features in bundles, similar to Winamp’s approach. If you buy the full Pro key, however, you do get a discount. The AirSync bundle, Music Lover bundle, and Podcasts bundle are all $4.99 a piece and they unlock all of doubleTwist’s handy, usually wireless, features. You can also opt for the Pro bundle to save $5 on purchasing all three bundles separately. I think doubleTwist does a better job of streamlining the add-ons than Winamp does, and that makes up for a few features that Winamp has on doubleTwist.

Even if you’re just looking for a straightforward music player, the free version of doubleTwist is a great choice. It sports a clean interface, as well as other music player standard features like scrobbling and widgets. It is missing a graphic equalizer, though, which may or may not be a big deal to you, depending on how picky you are about how your music sounds.

Play Store Download Link

These are just a few of the many available music players available on the Play Store. Generally, these are the most solid, highly rated apps that cover all of the basic things you’ll need, like widget support and easy ways to manage files. Are there any of your favorite apps that didn’t make the list? Sound off in the comments.

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