Top 10 Best Android Word Games

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Top 10 Best Android Word Games

10. Scrabblescrabble_header
It’s the classic crossword board game brought to life in our digital world. If you grew up playing scrabble than you know how much fun this game can be


Enjoy scrabble again with some new features you never had playing the boardgame version like the teacher feature which tells you what your best word could have been after every turn. The game is free and ad supported.


9. Words

Magma Mobiles reimagining of the classic crossword puzzle tasks you with finding all the words hidden within the grid of mixed up letters. Words offers up two game mode types; Challenge mode and time attack, where you’ll solve the grids for all the contained words and solve for as many words as possible in the allotted amount of time.


Words supports multiple languages so there is a huge library of words to find, and has multiple time sessions for the time attack. If you find yourself having some trouble during a game, you can utilize the online dictionary with Words so you can remain in the game. Words is free to download.


8. Dropwords

Can’t decide on which word game you want to play? Torn between Scrabble and Boggle? Get the best of both worlds with Dropwords. Its a mix between Scrabble, Boggle, and Bejeweled. With six game modes(Normal, Hard, Lightning, Blocker, Relax, and Untimed), this is one word game that should give you plenty of fun and really test your vocabulary.


Dropwords is rounded out by three dictionaries to help you check words you wish to play, and optional access to Papaya Mobiles social network, leaderboards and achievements. It’s free to download and available now, and lookout for new content including the new Bomb Drop mode.


7. Hanging With Friendshanging-friends-android-1
Zynga brings back the popularity of hangman with Hanging With Friends. It’s got goofy looking characters to give the game some lively appeal, its hangman in a total new way.


The classic game you remember, but with lifelines to give you hints, and the ability to see your opponents attempts at solving the words you set up for them using the instant replay. Play socially with random opponents, or challenge your friends and family via your facebook friends list. If you’re in the market for another addicting word game, why not check out Hanging with friends for free.


6. Scramble With FriendsScramble-With-Friends
Zynga scores with another popular word game on the games with friends platform. Scramble with friends challenges you to form words from the letters in a jumbled grid over three two minute rounds. You can slide your finger in pretty much any direction to form words and even use powerups like a time freeze to slow down the clock and give you the edge.


The player with the highest score at the end of round three wins. Best your friends, show up your family members, or take on other random players. Play cross platform with people on ios, or facebook as well. Scramble with Friends is free, but like any zynga game you will have optional IAP for coins available to use on things like power ups during matches.


5. Ruzzle

Ruzzle is a fast paced word game that follows in the footsteps of Scramble with Friends. Or rather Scramble with Friends followed in the footsteps of Ruzzle. 35 million players and counting, Ruzzle is one of the fastest growing word games on Android. Play against friends and family on ios as well as Android. There’s two minutes on the clock, who will find the most words in the jumbled set of letters before time runs out?


Not enough time to play? No problem. Pick up and play when you have a couple minutes to spare. When all three rounds are over, the player with the most points wins. Ruzzle is free with ads, or you can pay for the ad free version which will set you back $1.99. Both versions support 10 different languages.


4. Words With FriendsWords-With-Friends
Words with Friends is quite possibly the most popular game in Zynga’s arsenal, and with good reason. People simply just love word games, and Words with Friends has been around for a long time. Long enough to gain an enormous following.


Just like all “games with friends” games, the Words With Friends is cross platform so you can play against people on ios, facebook or Android. Invite your friends and family to play via facebook or twitter, or have an opponent randomly selected for you. Words with Friends is free to play.


3. Wordfeud

As scrabble type games go, Wordfeud takes the cake. 20 million players can’t be wrong. You can play up to 30 games simultaneously so once you get addicted don’t worry about having too many games going at once. Place letter tiles on a board to form words, utilize double and triple letter/word squares for even higher point words.


Wordfeud mixes it up by letting you randomly generate the game board so point multipliers end up in random spots. Play with opponents on Android or ios, and choose from either an ad free version for $2.99 or pick up the ad supported version of the game for free.


2. W.E.L.D.E.R.Welder_KindleFire_Banner_925x434_2
W.E.L.D.E.R. is without a doubt one of the most unique word games you’ll ever play. To score you must weld words into the word machine, and create crafty combos for point multipliers using special golden and gem tiles. It’ll seem a little confusing at first with so many features unlike any other word game out there, but once you roll through a few games you get the hang of it.


You can utilize features like swaps which are earned through gameplay and point multipliers to clear broken tiles and form words you otherwise wouldn’t have been able to form. You can even use the special “apocalypse swap” once per level which wipes the board completely and gives you a new set of tiles. If you want a truly original experience with a word game, pick up W.E.L.D.E.R. for $2.99


1. Spelltower

If you ever wondered what a game would be like if you could combine Tetris with a word match game, Spelltower would be that love child. It’s got five modes to play through over and over, with tower mode being the most laid back. If you feel particularly confident, you can challenge friends or family in debate mode over local wifi.


You’ll need to use all the powers of your brain and think on your feet to succeed here, as letter tiles will rise from the bottom of the screen. Score bigger words to knock out more tiles before they reach the top or its game over. Spelltower is sure to please any lover of word games, and it’s the best word game that $1.99 can buy.


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