mML : mini Mobile League starts tonight!

Posted: November 1, 2013 by themarkoface in mM League
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Welcome to mini Mobile League!

Which phone is the BEST of the BEST in 2013 year!? Who is the biggest, tinniest, fastest or perhaps among the most rewarding phone? Well, we will find out through the mini combats between models in mini Mobile League. So let’s find out how we are doing that…

It is important for us to determine the criteria by which we judged the winner. So we have selected a couple of criteria which is most important to ordinary users. The competition is in mML ring and a better device get a ONE gold medal    in every criteria where is better than the other. The winner of the match is device with more gold medals and get’s gold trophy.

So, let’s find out our criterias…

1) Screen size , 2) Appearance , 3) Weight , 4) Processor , 5) RAM , 6) Internal User memory , 7) Primary Camera , 8) Secondary camera , 9) Battery , 10) Operating system , 11) Custom feature that stands out from another phones.

So 11 Criterias and 11 opportunities to win the medal and finally the GOLD Trophy. Who will be the best? We will find out soon … List of devices that will be competing in mML is still making.

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