Galaxy S6 concept shows us what the Galaxy line should look like after the Galaxy S4

Posted: October 1, 2013 by admin in News


The folks from the Apple Conspiracy, after seeing a “myriad” of Galaxy S4 concepts, have created their own concept render of the Galaxy S6, indicating where they’d like to see Samsung go with its Galaxy line in the future. The renders do not get into specs of the device, but rather the desire to see Samsung make innovation something more than a marketing term.

It’s quite easy to imagine what the successor of the Galaxy S4 will look like, which is getting announced on March 14, but what will the Galaxy S6 look like? It’s hard to imagine, but the guys from Apple Conspiracy wants it to tout a plastic unibody with a new protective nano coating called hyperskin, “a plastic you won’t be mad about”.

The Galaxy S6 concept touts a beautiful GravityUX on top of Android 6.0. The phone concept also has an 18MP camera with 4K high frame rate video recording. The most drool worthy part of the concept is a battery that could last a week of heavy usage off of a single charge.

Last but not least, the Galaxy S6 concept will have a 4.5-inch S-OLED display with a stunning 2K display. These are, of course, simply dreams and desires as the concept has technologies that we have yet to implement, but the folks from Apple Conspiracy say:

It includes technologies we have yet to implement, but it’s our only way of giving justice to the so-much-used word “innovation” without just being a marketing term. In our opinion, only in next couple of years we could have some real progress in this matter. But new models have to be launched in ever shorter time intervals, and justify their “innovation” by masking the real problems.

Let’s hope in two years that innovation won’t just be a marketing term so we can actually see something like this in the future.

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